Thank You Veterans!

I’m so thankful, in this season of giving thanks, for our veterans. Today is Veteran’s Day, but I was thankful yesterday, and I’ll be thankful tomorrow for the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters in arms. When we say sacrifices, we mean of life and limb, but we also mean the years of a soldier’s life given in defense of our nation. I’m so thankful, in fact, for our troops and veterans that I make Quilts of Valor year-round. If you don’t know what a QOV, or Quilt of Valor is, I suggest going straight to the source, the QOV website, .In short, a QOV is a quilt made to honor and comfort our veterans who have been “touched by war”, whether physical or emotional wounds.

I have a friend, Aby, who volunteers her time to make some of our group’s Quilts of Valor come alive with longarm quilting! My quilt, called Simple Pinwheels, is also her pattern, which you can find on her blog, (It’s located under the Pattern page across the top.) Also, go check out her blog post today to see her tribute to our veterans, and read her meaning behind the colors in this QOV.


To me, this particular Quilt of Valor is very cheerful and happy. I love the golden yellow, which I almost left out. I’m so glad I didn’t, because it gives the finished quilt a very sunny disposition, don’t you think? The low volume, “missing” blocks give it an airy, modern look. The dots on the borders (and back) are very modern, and again, happy looking! I hope this quilt reminds its recipient of all the good things in life that make us happy and thankful!

If you want to get involved in Quilts of Valor, there are tons, tons, tons of things you can do! QOV is on facebook, pinterest, and the web. They have a “local groups” tab on the site for you to gather and sew with others. They have block drives and all sorts of fun challenges and pictures of finished quilts on the Facebook page. Whether you sew alone, with a group, or with a virtual group, I’d encourage every quilter to get involved and make a Quilt of Valor!


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