Both ends of the Stash

You’ve heard of working both ends of the night?

I’m working both ends of my stash.

I’m involved in a Quilt Along on Flickr called “My Precious QAL”

in which we use our all time, most favoritest fabrics.

{Those are the ones from the previous post.}

I’m also working the other end of the stash,

 the things that need to be used otherwise they’ll stagnate and get stale.

What does this mean? It means I have quite a few baby quilts on hand now.

It also means I’ve analyzed my buying habits a little.

I tend to buy just enough of a collection to make……

you guessed it… size quilts.

That’s all fine and dandy for making quilts to sell,

but I’ll be more mindful in the future to buy what I need for the size I want!

Unless I’m stashing, in which of course, the rules are different and I buy by color.

I’m interested to hear how you organize your stash, by collection or by color?

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