Wavy Quilting Lines

OMG! I need to share this with at least a few people! I “found” a new quilting trick tonight. I was wondering how this wavy quilting was done, by Jacquie Gering, and I was thinking ‘really hard” kind of stuff. For example, I thought it could be done on a longarm quilting machine, a template of some sort, drawn wavy lines, or even freehanded with free motion quilting. Get this….it’s a decorative stitch on most Bernina machines! So…..I run to my machine, follow the directions on Fresh Lemons, and there I am. I have wavy quilt lines where the machine moves the needle around for me! How easy peasy and COOL is that? I’m pretty excited to get the look I’m craving without having to do all those difficult things I mentioned earlier. Now, what quilt gets to go first with this awesome technique? =}


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