Antique Quilt Finish

I was able to finish the antique quilt I’d been working on this summer, finally! It has a special place, and I look forward to seeing it there, now that it’s finished! I made an extra-wide binding for it. something I’ve never done before. Essentially, I doubled everything about the width of the binding. I normally cut my binding at 2.5 inches, miter the seems, and starch it in half lengthwise to make double fold binding. {There are some great tutorials on the blogosphere, so I won’t add to those.} For this chunky, inch wide finished look, I cut the binding pieces at 5 inches, mitered the seems, then starched it in half. When I went to sew it down to the quilt, I also doubled my normal seem allowance, so I was sewing at almost a 5/8ths seem allowance. I flipped it over and hand sewed it down to the back of the quilt, as per my usual way. It came out cute, at least twice as wide as normal, and exactly what this antique quilt top needed!


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