Spinning plates


Currently, I have 8 projects in various stages of completion. I believe that’s a record for me! I usually make up one quilt at a time, and having more than one going is a little like spinning plates. My goal this week will be to close the loop on some of these projects. I’m itching to start something new, but there’s no room in the sewing area!  How many projects ongoing is too many? Any thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Spinning plates

  1. Let’s see… I have one large quilt nearly quilted, one baby quilt awaiting quilting, one quilt that needs borders, 2 baby size quilts in the piecing stage, and about 3 UFOs that are shelved in storage boxes. I don’t know what the saturation number is for me, but every now and then, I “have” to finish a quilt before I give myself permission to start another! The trouble is, I can think up new projects faster than I can sew!


  2. I think I have that same trouble, thinking up new quilts faster than I can sew up what I’m working on currently. Wish I could wave my magic wand and get those bindings on faster! My other trouble is that I forgot some things at the quilt shop last week. I’ll have to swing by there to get small odds and ends to finish up 4 of those 8 projects! Turns out, 8 is about my saturation point! I’m ready to have a few of them, at least, done and off my plate! Then I can plan something new, my favorite part!


  3. Stacy,

    You simply need a bigger house, darlin’! Your things are so pretty that I think 10,000 square feet would be better, don’t you. Never mind you would have to keep all that space clean…just cover everything in fabric or quilts and no one will notice!

    Love you,

    Carol Watkins


    • That’s a fantastic idea, Carol! You think my Mr. Wonderful will pay for more sewing room? I might have to go that route if I grow my stash like Aby and Beth suggest. Thanks so much for the compliment about my quilty work! Your shop never ceases to inspire me!


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