Label it

I’m making labels for my quilts today using my embroidery machine.

I forget some days that the Bernina 830 has this capability, so it was nice to use it!

I have lovely custom printed labels on their way,

but I wanted these quilts labels today.

Know the feeling?

So, I whipped up this embroidery pattern.

How about you?

Do you label all your quilts, just a few, or none?


2 thoughts on “Label it

  1. I label If the new owner (most of my quilts are gifts) takes it off, that’s their perogative, but I do want the quilt documented – name, date finished at a minimum. Some quilts get named, or have the name of the recipient/occasion for giving on the label as well. I also take multiple pictures of every quilt for a physical album.

    It’s a hoot going back through the album, to see how both my tastes and styles in fabric have changed in 30 years! (why yes, I started quilting as a baby – well, in college, anyway)


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