Simple Christmas-Top 10 Gift Ideas

I can’t show you what I’m sewing. I wish I could, but you see, it’s a secret squirrel project for Christmas presents, and the recipients have been known to peek at my blog here and there! I can, however, share our “simple Christmas” mantra.

A few years ago, the economy got bad, and we all got nervous about what’s next and how far it will fall. Add to that a constant gnawing feeling that maybe we were spending too much and trying to “out present” each other, and you have the making of our “simple Christmas” beginnings. We decided, as a group, to make Christmas a less expensive and showy event. Since then we’ve decorated Christmas trees together and sung carols and had smores and hot chocolate. It’s been good for us, all the way around. We aren’t as focused on things as we are on each other and on enjoying the moment!

All that said, what exactly does simple mean? It looks a little like these things:

1. Handmade scarves, bought from a local artisan.

2. Quilts (of course)

3. Photo albums of relatives who have passed, preserving our heritage.

4. My mom recently gave me her 35mm camera that she got when we were young!

5. Handmade crocheted items.

6. Gifts in a jar.

7. Mini quilts.

8. Potholders, placemats, or napkins. All sewn up of course!

9. Anything sewn! (Can you tell I enjoy sewing for others?)

10. Antique things-books, linens, family quilts. Last year I took an antique top and hand quilted it for my Mother-in-love. She was tickled!


I hope that gets your creative juices flowing for a “simple Christmas” of your own! You’d be surprised at how fun it is to come up with inexpensive but very cool finds for your family members!

Happy sewing!

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