Lessons From a Tan Skirt

I mentioned recently that I have actually been sewing. A couple of my current projects are the end of my Christmas sewing. But THIS is just a “fun” project for me, a challenge to see if I could make a skirt like one I saw on a popular modest skirt website!


A challenge is exactly what I’d call this skirt. Between the very inaccurate pattern, my own ineptitude as a seamstress, and general machine frustrations, this baby took at least two days of my life!!! I’d cut out and marked all my pattern pieces last week during normal busy days. I thought, “Oh, I’ll sew it up on the weekend. It should only take a day!” OH ME! I was so very wrong! Three sewing machines and many hours went into this khaki skirt. It’s mighty cute, if I do say so myself. But wow.

So, what did I learn? I learned a whole lot of patience. I learned, or rather, relearned, that some things take time, and hopefully they are worth the time you invest. I also reiterated the concept that some things are just awesome when you make them by hand. With all its flaws (and I’m not point them out) this skirt turned out to be worth the effort and energy. Now, to go put some of that time into the people of my life………..

Happy Sewing!

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