Penny Patch Sewing

Are y’all sewing along with Rachel over at Stitched in Color? We’re sewing up a simple squares quilt called a Penny Patch, and it’s super beginner friendly! Here’s the picture of my work in progress. Need a design wall bad for this quilt!!!



7 thoughts on “Penny Patch Sewing

  1. Thank you all for your encouragement! I added some earthy, grounding shades of these same colors to it tonight, to give it depth and character. I’m sort of winging it with no design wall…..oh well! We’ll see how it turns out! I’m hoping for finished penny patches by the end of the week!


  2. this is a super pretty set of fabrics for this! it’s going to be light and lovely. I have a temporary design wall for the first time on this project and you’re right – you need it bad! good luck. =)


  3. I saw the most AWESOME idea for a design wall yesterday and hubby helped me implement it last night for a total cost of $4.50. I went to our local dollar store and purchased a vinyl tablecloth (felt back). We took three commando hooks and put them on the wall, folded the top edge of the tablecloth over about 6 inches. We put packing tape on the vinyl side of the tablecloth where we were going to punch holes in it to give a little more strength. He took a normal office hole punch and put the holes in and we hung it on the wall. It is AWESOME… 50 x 70 design wall for $4.50!


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