Leader and Ender Project

Bonnie Hunter has coined an awesome term for the bits of piecing you put through the sewing machine before and after you sew your main project. She calls them leaders and enders, and you can read a lot more about them here and in her book entitled, “Adventures with Leaders and Enders”. The basic concept is that you’re chain piecing along, and need something to sew off onto. If you precut squares, then you can use that opportunity to sew two squares together.

My squares are the very, very end of my scrap bin. Tiny squares get sewn together into a four patch. You could sew them into something else, but I chose a four patch. I keep my supplies in a small basket near the sewing machine.



These blocks, “Four-ty Niners” are just piling up next to my machine as I sew other things. I store them in the same basket as the other supplies, so I can just grab the basket to work on it. I recently laid out the finished blocks. It gave me an idea of how many I have and need!


It’s about 1/3 a twin size right now, so more blocks to go. I’m enjoying using that little bit of thread and fabric to make something, eventually a bed quilt! Hope you’ve enjoyed the leader and ender show and tell! It’s coming along!


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