Radiant Orchid

I have had to face something very obvious this morning. I’m a trendy quilter. Call it modern, or call it foolish, I follow (and sometimes am ahead of) the trend. So, it makes me smile, once again, to know I’m ahead of the purple trend. Ahhemm…that’s Radiant Orchid, to be exact.


It’s pretty, isn’t it? I like it, I think. I’ve been trying to get purple into my stash for a while now-I think I have two or three fat quarters in my entire collection of fabric. Until now, I’ve only found a few shades of purple, and many of them weren’t quite bright and modern. I found a chevron and a dot in lavender, but I’m wanting a good depth of different shades. Hopefully, now that purple is the “in” color, I can curate a good collection of this lovely shade for my stash. How fun!

What “holes” do you have in your stash? Is it purple like mine? Or maybe orange or grey? Do you think you will go out and buy some “Radiant Orchid” fabric or other things?

Happy Sewing and Trending!


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