A Little Radiant Orchid

I went a little overboard with my “radiant orchid” shopping.


Anyway, what would YOU do with this much purple? Maybe stash it? Plan a large project? Any ideas?


6 thoughts on “A Little Radiant Orchid

  1. plan a project sounds like a great idea…..that color works so well so many other colors. I have many of those prints….makes it easy when Joel Dewberry and Alison Glass use it so well, does it not??? 🙂


  2. mlwilkie,
    Thanks for stopping by and weighing in on my purple problem. I was thinking of pairing it with bright green, or perhaps some grey, or both! I’m considering making something smallish, like a baby quilt, and then stashing the rest, as I have almost no purple in my stash. {2-3 fat quarters, maybe!} You’re right, between Joel Dewberry, Alison Glass, and Tula Pink, of course, these are hard to resist!


  3. HI, Aby. That’s a good idea! I did make up something ultra-modern with the purple and my scrap bin, which is still unpacked. I found that it worked really well with the pale grey and small bits of black. It was fun because my parameters were super limited. I could only use the bits of color I had available! I hope to show that quilt at guild meeting next month, and also enter it into the radiant orchid competition. I’m sure you’ll get to see it! Thanks for the encouragement!


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