Fabric Flower Tutorial


 In making these lovely, lovely flowers,

I realized that some of you might just want to make them, too.

So here goes, a fabric wedding flower tutorial!

First, your materials.

Junk CD, Fabric scraps at least 5 inches square, Lots of lovely, vintage-y buttons (one per flower), matching thread, needle, thimble,

Step One:

Trace your CD onto the fabric scrap, then cut out the circle. Do this 5-6 times per flower, depending on how many petals you want. Each circle equals one petal.


Step Two:

Fold your circle in half.


Then in half again.


Step Three.

Make a running stitch (a large straight stitch) along the curved bottom edge-opposite edge from the point.

Note:Please use matching thread. I’m using a dark thread for contrast so you can see!


Step Four.

Pull on the thread to draw the fabric into a petal shape. Make a little “tacking” stitch on one side of your petal.


Step Five

Make four more! Or five…..your choice. I like a Jasmine looking flower.

You can continue to add petals until it looks like a daisy. It’s up to you!


Step Six

One you reach this stage, you need to take a little tacking stitch to secure the first petal to the last one.

Now flip the whole thing over and make some larger tacking stitches on the back, across and joining those petals well.

Tie off your threads, and snip them.

It won’t look super pretty-mine doesn’t-but it will secure your petals together.

Remember, yours is in matching thread, too!


Step Seven

Flip your flower back to the front.

You can secure your button by putting a heavy gauge wire through it.

(Wrapped, pretty wire can be found in predetermined lengths at the craft store.)

Place your button’s shank through the wire, and position it so it’s in the center of the length of wire.

Wrap your wire around the flower, so that the wire is positioned on the outside of the petals, and your button covers the center of your flower (the messy part!).

Then twist your wire halves together to form a pretty stem!



You have a pretty white (or perfectly coordinated) flower for a wedding or vow renewal.

Or bouquet for a friend………=}


6 thoughts on “Fabric Flower Tutorial

    • Thanks, Aby! I’m enjoying the new camera lots! These pictures were taken with a tripod, with the camera positioned close into the work, and left in the same position for the entire photo session. That makes the tutorial easier to “read” visually, I think. Anyway, I’m learning new tricks to make the blog and photos of my work come out better! Always a learning process!


    • Thanks, Mom! They really are very easy to make. I’ve wanted to do this tutorial for a while, just needed to be sure I wasn’t teaching this at the Local Quilt Shop! Thanks for stopping by the blog! =}


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  2. One or two of these would be a cute leaf behind a yo-yo too…or an embelishment on a fabric necklace or to cover a moth hole on the collar of a favorite sweater…ask me how I know that! Nice tutorial. See you tomorrow evening at the FMQG.


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