Low Volume Fabric Bits

As a blogger, I get to see what search terms are used to find my blog. One of the most popular search terms is “low volume”. Apparently, this term is sort of a mystery to most quilters, especially those of us who were taught color theory. Traditionally, when you make a quilt, you’re taught to choose a focus fabric that you like, then build your color palette from that fabric. Getting artistic with it means using a painting, architecture, or fashion as a muse, and building out your color palette for your quilt from those things! Low volume quilts just completely fly in the face of that wisdom! There is no contrast, or very little. There is no real “color palette” to a low volume quilt. Low volume simply means a very pale background, with a smallish print.

There’s a recent quilt along that uses low volume fabrics as a background, which is really an antique way of making a quilt background! Today, I’m starting a new block and/or quilt. (I’m not sure what it’ll grow into…..you never really know when you have a design board on which to work!) I’ll be using these lovely bits, all considered “low volume”. I aim to make up a block, and hopefully get it set into something larger and modern looking! I’ll keep you updated!



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