Goodbye Magnet Pin Cushion

Conventional wisdom tells us that a large magnet will affect computer systems. We’re told, when buying a new Computerized sewing machine, not to let these dastardly magnets get too close to the machine. I was fine with that, as I own a rather large magnet pin “cushion” of sorts.


But lately, I’ve been struggling. I can’t sit it near the computer, printer, sewing machine, cell phone, or hubs’ computer. So……where exactly in my sewing room can I put this? It can’t live in the cabinet, either, with important software dongles, DSL cameras, and various other equipment. It has to go.

Now I have no pincushion!!!! {Actually, I have plenty in storage.} Inspiration has not yet struck about what I’ll do for a pinnie…….we shall see! =}


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