Pantone Quilt and Mini

This year, the color of the year is “Radiant Orchid” which is a very fancy name for a lovely shade of royally purple. Well, I had to make a few things to celebrate! The first is a mini quilt, measuring 20 by 22 inches!

My wall in my next sewing space will have a Radiant Orchid Q, for Quiltiferous! I waffled about using an S for my first name, or a Q for the business name. I decided roundly on the Q based on the initial drawings! This is a very, very basic pixelated quilt, and I heart it so much!!



The second quilt, or rather top, was somewhat of a stretch for me. I enjoyed designing it so very much, though, and I know I’ll make others like it. It would make an awesome hipster baby quilt! I love the offcenteredness of this top, along with the color choices!  It weighs in at 46 by 48 inches, perfect for baby to grow with or on a wall! It might wind up in my “lecture” series of quilts, used to show what “Modern Quilts” look like! =}



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