Six Steps to a Greener Clean

I used some pretty harsh chemicals in my home to get it super clean for showing. While I was doing that, I realized I wanted to go green with my cleaners, use homemade, and make them from benign ingredients. I’d been considering it for a while, especially since it will save me a ton of money! Here’s how I did it!


1. Make a list. I like lists. AND, a list gives you a direction so that you don’t get bogged down with all the unnecessary cleaners out there. Make a simple list of what you use, based on what you either have now in your cleaning closet, or what you’ve run out of that you need right now. I decided I need laundry powder and dryer sheets, dish powder, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner, all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and a wood dusting spray. Keep this handy for the next step!

2. “Shop” for recipes. Once you know what you need personally, to clean your own home, you’ll know what cleaners to type into the search box. TRUST ME, if you search pinterest or google, you’re going to get a ton of information about making your own cleaners, what ingredients to use or avoid, and even what containers are useful for which cleaning supplies. Try typing, “homemade (xyz)” into your search engine, and you’re going to get plenty of recipes!

3. Print your recipes. Because you’re only printing the recipes for what you use {you made a list, right?}, it doesn’t use that much ink. Put all these printed recipes into a folder or three ring binder for future use. I even store mine with my soap and food recipes, so that it’s only one thing to find and keep track of!

4. Gather your ingredients, cheap. In this step, you’ll be looking for containers and ingredients, but don’t forget to price things on the net and to think about the Dollar Store, craft stores, and your own cabinets. The containers in this post were in my gift cabinet. Consider bottles and containers that come with another product that you can use, then repurpose for homemade cleaners. My floor cleaner bottle has Method floor cleaner in it, and when it’s used up, I’ll refill with homemade! My toilet bowl cleaner is a small dish bottle, because it functions like a toilet bowl cleaner bottle with the squeeze top!

5. Make it cute. If it’s cute, I’m likely to prefer homemade! I stopped by my local craft store and bought chalkboard labels and a chalk marker. It wasn’t super expensive, and it’ll boost my spirits often! I heart chalkboard anything!

6. Give it scent. Many of your cleaners are far more fun to use if they are smell awesome! I don’t scent my laundry or dish powder because the scent gets “lost” in the wash. But my all purpose cleaner and dryer sheets smell fantastic! Think about what you and your family prefer (fruity or flowery), and order some scenty things from Mountain Majestic Sage. There are other companies, but I have found MMS to be the most economical option. If you’re really stuck, go to you health food store and smell all the things. You’ll get a very quick lesson on what you like! My must haves include lavender, lemon, vanilla, and lilac and lavender.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my process of going green clean! What have you made lately that’s much cheaper and healthier than storebought??


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2 thoughts on “Six Steps to a Greener Clean

  1. I have been making laundry detergent for over a year now….Cost: $1.50/gal (vs. $10.00/gal for store bought). Also, since I started using the home made detergent, Charlie’s skin allergies have disappeared, and our clothes feel better!


  2. That’s awesome, Irene! When my youngest child was a baby, quite some time ago, we had to make homemade wipes for him, as he was so prone to rash. It amazed me how much better his skin was when we went homemade! I’m glad you’re having good luck with the homemade version, which is always less expensive!


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