The Year of Change

As New Year’s rolled around a few months ago, I knew this would be the year of great change. I could foresee that I’d be changing houses, churches, and quilting groups. I’d be losing touch with some friends and gaining time with others. I’d be changing states, and therefore changing homeschool requirements as well. Those changes seemed relatively….obvious. =}

I wasn’t prepared for the change in lifestyle this year has brought me thus far. I see Mr. Wonderful about twice a month, on weekends when he’s able to drive the 6 hours to our current home. We’re hoping that change is very short term!! I chose to change my eating and exercise habits about a month ago, and that has given me to much more energy! While I know it’s a lifelong change, I’m thankful for the benefits thus far! As you’ve seen in my recent posts, I’ve also moved away from cleaners with harmful chemicals. This is the beginning of my movement to go natural. I’m excited about that, and it also seems so very appropriate to go natural when you’re in the middle of a move!!

Over the weekend, I visited my future city in Northern Virginia. While there, I had quite the shock. Any housing in our price range is much smaller than what we currently have! In fact, I said upon returning to the house, “Holy Batman, the space!!!” It’s been five years since I’ve had to do any decluttering. Five years ago, we moved from 1100 square feet for 6 people to 3300 square feet. Now, it looks like we’ll be closer to that 1100 mark again. It brings up odd questions like, “Will I have space for the antique sewing machines?” Is that a real problem, you know? Admittedly, this is a first world problem, and now that I’ve labeled it as such, I’m much less concerned with it. This will be another in a long line of changes made this year that might actually be really, really good for me and my family! Now to get to work decluttering and getting ready for a smaller space in an urban setting!

What change has this year brought you? Are you looking at it as a positive?

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One thought on “The Year of Change

  1. In general, I don’t like change. I like operating in the same-old, same-old. Your blog post has challenged me to think about embracing change, even seeking it. After all, if I’m not changing, I’m not growing.

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