Ebook Question

Would you buy an ebook to learn to quilt?


I’m asking this question all over the blogosphere right now.

I’m curious, first of all, about how people learn to quilt.

Second, I want to know if writing an ebook would be useful!

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3 thoughts on “Ebook Question

  1. I’d buy an book for some things, but not for learning to quilt. Much easier to use a paper book to find what I want & follow directions. Sorry!

  2. If the ebook would have video clips for key steps or skills, I would invest. For example: proper/safe rotary cutting, tying a “quilter’s knot,” mitering corners on binding, measuring the quilt for borders. Some skills are best passed on by observing the technique rather than seeing diagrams or reading explanations.

  3. Thank you both for your thoughts on the ebook format. I’m still debating on what format and what teaching tools to use. I agree, Aby, that some things need to be shown. I also agree, Mary, that sometimes it’s easier to have a printed copy of a quilt book because of templates and things. I buy quite a few ebooks, so it’s a format I’m familiar with. I’m just concerned that it might not be a useful product if I were to create it! Things to think and pray over!

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