Quilty Influences

I often get asked, “How did you learn to quilt/sew?” Here’s part of my story,

My parents are what we call makers. I grew up in an environment of “make it, bake it, sew it, or grow it”. My dad builds and fixes all sorts of things, and my mom is a crafter of epic proportions. I’m thankful that she persevered in teaching me to hand sew and then machine sew at a pretty young age. Together we taught my girl scout troop to cross stitch, and she taught me the value of teaching others what God has graciously taught me. Never underestimate your influence on your children. Even the stubborn, headstrong ones listen and imitate you! {I can hear you laughing, Mom!}

When I was a child, I always wanted to make a quilt out of my mom’s scraps, to use up every bit of them into something useful. Those ideas really didn’t come to fruition until I became a young Army wife, with long hours alone in a new place. I was, of course, making new friends and learning a great deal about life. Once I realized I didn’t know everything, I began to seek knowledge and learn how to be a homemaker! After learning to keep a clean little apartment, cooking, and taking care of my sweet little girl, I thought sewing a quilt would be a good idea. We didn’t have much money, and the quilts I liked were super expensive!

I borrowed a book from my mom called “Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel”. I dutifully cut out templates and traced around them for my first quilt. Had I taken a class, I’d have learned all about the rotary cutter, but I learned to quilt from a 20 year old book! My first quilt came together during our first tour at Fort Bragg, a lovely conglomerate of pink, purple, and sage green. (It was the 90’s!) I soon learned from quilting magazines that there was an easier way to make a quilt, and I was hooked!

Over the years, there have been many amazing influences on my life. In each place that we live, God has been faithful to send me a Titus 2 friend, an older lady who teaches me different things about life, family, and God. When I was lacking those in a personal friend, the Lord would provide that need by sending me to books, blogs, or classes. I’d like to encourage you young ladies to seek out the Titus 2 friends and influences. I promise they’re there! My mom taught me to sew. Georgia Bonesteel wrote a book a long time ago, and it taught me to quilt. In turn, I teach others to quilt. From another friend, I’m learning how to lead a group. I’m not great at it, but like anything, I hope to get better with practice!

Well, now you know how I came to this lovely world of quilting. How about you? Share your story in the comments below, because I really love to ask this question and hear the answers, too! =}

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3 thoughts on “Quilty Influences

  1. I am following my twins sister’s example, but she is following the example of our Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. My sister also had some excellend quilt artist and thread painters and long term quilt friends in her guild in South Carolina. I am getting started with a quild…I did what my sister did…I bought a Cadillac (Bernina) and I did not have a driver’s license (did not know how to sew a stitch) and joined a quilt guild. I am happily started.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my corner of cyberspace, Cathy! I’m glad you’re joining a guild and getting into the social aspect of quilting! You’ll learn, grow, and be inspired a lot from your other guild members! You know, I think modern quilting is such an interesting mix of honoring tradition roots and updating things here and there! Good luck on your quilt journey! =}

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