Quilting with Grace

I’ve spent a few days lately quilting (sewing together small bits of fabric to make patterns). I don’t have a way to quilt (sew all three layers together) the finished tops! I’m not one to let a project go unfinished, so it’s slightly bothersome that my pile of “to quilt” (sew layers together) is growing. {I think I have…..seven…..tops? Oh my!} Undaunted, I’m putting together another small top today. It looks like this one, so I’ll have a set of twin girl quilts when they’re finished! How fun!


I enjoy the quilting process, except maybe borders. So when I get to the part where I quilt all the things, it’s going to be good! Most of them are baby size, but there is one very large (twin) and one very small (mini). They will go in my etsy shop or my gift cabinet, so there’s really no harm in letting them wait to be finished! Might as well be productive and content. RIght?

What quilting or life limitations are you dealing with right now?

Do you feel as though you’re dealing with them gracefully?






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