Reversible Wrap Skirt Tutorial Part 1-Materials and Prep

One of the things I’ve been sewing lately is a wrap skirt. I love this skirt, and I thought I’d share how to make it with you all. If you’d rather not read on…..never fear. There will be other sewing posts coming soon!

I love these skirts for several reasons. First, they’re reversible. What mom doesn’t get things wiped onto her, or her skirt, during the course of a day? Also, it means I can wear this item twice without washing it in between. {If you think that’s gross, you should travel more.} Second, they are made from quilting cotton….something I have a good supply of and know how to sew! I love the colors and patterns available in that section and my own stash! Third, it’s a wrap skirt. If you lose ten pounds, and you just might if you change your life like I am, it will just wrap a little further around! It will still fit well!

SO….how to make these beauties? I searched for a good, good, good tutorial on these and found a few that didn’t answer all my questions. I hope I can improve on the tutorials I saw, and also make this a clear and easy project for you! NOTE: These skirts are long, and if you want yours short, it will require less fabric!


2 yards for one side of skirt

2 yards for the other side (hopefully something coordinating-this is the fun part!)

1 yard of fabric for the waistband/ties (coordinate or use one of the other fabrics)

Sewing machine (with straight stitch) and matching thread


That’s it! Because I came across an awesome, awesome sale, my materials cost me 17 dollars (5 dollars for the black and 12 for the grey). If you’re buying on sale, you shouldn’t have to spend more than 20 dollars for the materials for this skirt!

With most clothes sewing projects you want to do the preliminary prep work. Like:


Wash and dry your fabric as you normally would. And:


Give ’em a good pressing!

We’ll cover cutting in Part 2.

Are you sewing up a reversible wrap skirt? Any questions?

Be sure to leave a comment and also let me know how you did on keeping your costs low!

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