Wrap Skirt Part 2-Drafting and Cutting

This is Part 2 in the series on how to make a reversible wrap skirt. If you missed Part 1, go look, I’ll wait!


Ok! You’re going to start Part 2 by drafting a pattern. Now, I found some awesome tutorials on how to get your exact waist measurements, plus six inches for ease, etc etc. out there on the web. That’s kinda the hard way. The easy way is to use a non-knit skirt that already fits you in the waist, and use it as your pattern. I placed mine on the fold of the fabric.


Why does this work? This works because you’re almost doubling the waistline by placing it on the fold (and not cutting that part)! In essence, what you need is 3 times your waist measurement to make the waistline of a wrap skirt, plus some ease to make it flair a little!  Don’t let this cutting confuse you. Look at my picture. I cut the right side, the left side, and the top edge. I did not cut the fold of the fabric, which is at the bottom, or towards my body on the table. You want this fold intact.

Once you’ve cut your first piece, go ahead and use that piece as your “pattern” for the next three pieces, again, not cutting the fold of the fabric.


You should end up with four pieces of fabric, all with a fold in them, that look like skirt pieces!


Whew! That was the hard part. Everything else is smooth sailing from here, I promise!

You have one last part of your skirt to cut out. Use your rotary cutter, ruler, and mat to cut strips of fabric for your ties. Now, I cut mine 7 inches wide, and width of fabric so I could have long…..long….long ties. You can use these measurements, or you can do your own math to figure out how long you want those ties to be. Remember, though, that you want them to wrap round you a couple times and tie!


Congratulations!!! Your cutting is done!

Don’t forget to look for Part 3-Construction, which will be forthcoming!


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