Wrap Skirt Part 3-Construction

If you’ve been following along with me, this is the third post about a reversible wrap skirt pattern. This is the final post, so, go look at the other two, Part 1 and Part 2. So you aren’t confused, we’re starting with four skirt pieces, and four strips of fabric for ties!

Step One:

SEW a long seam connecting each “half” of your skirt sides. For example, I have a left and right grey side of my skirt, and a left and right black side. Long seam, down the middle/back, k?


This would be a good time to try this skirt on!! If you’ve got too much fabric in the waist area, or it’s too full at the hem, now’s the time to adjust it. Do this by pinning your adjustments first, then making larger seams.

Step Two:

You should have two sides of your skirt now. Again, mine are black and grey. RIGHT sides together, you want to pin all the way around the sides and bottom of the skirt. Sew along the SIDES and BOTTOM of skirt, leaving top open. {PSA, don’t sew over your pins. It never works out well.} Turn your skirt right side out, press, and trim your corners!


Step Three (the band):

Sew the band together on the short ends, to make into a long strip. Now, fold right sides together, lengthwise. Do not press yet! While you have your fabric folded right sides together, you’ll have two ends that need a seam. You’re sewing a seam to make the tie ends, so, you’re sewing a short seam on the ends with right sides together. It should look like this.


Clip your corner, and turn right side out. Now we’re going to do some fancy pressing. First, press your long strip in half lengthwise, right sides out. In other words, the seam you just sewed should be on the inside now. You’re making a crease by pressing that will be the top edge of your skirt. Next, I want you to turn to the inside of that long strip 1/2 inch all the way around the unsewn edge. Again, it should look like this.


Your ties should look like ties now! The last step in making your skirt is to get said ties onto your skirt! You should be able to find the middle of both your skirt and the ties pretty easily, since there is a seam on both in that spot. Placing your skirt in the open side of the ties, pin the skirt to the ties, and I used a lot of pins for this step!


Lastly, sew a topstitch from one end of your ties to the other to attach it to the skirt, then sew a topstitch on the sides and top of your ties.


VOILA! Your reversible wrap skirt is finished. You should put it on right now! =}

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