Patriotic Lone Starburst

It’s been a super busy week for me. I haven’t had much time to sew. This block, called the Lone Starburst by Anna (aka Six White Horses), wasn’t as challenging as it looks. It just took me a while because of my time constraints! It sure is a stunner, though. I’m undecided about which block is my favorite, but this one is a wow. It sure will add something special to the patriotic sampler!


On another note, I’m looking for interesting ways to set these 12 inch blocks, since it is, after all, a modern quilt! I have a few good ideas from Quiltcon. And, honestly, I could set the blocks very traditionally and still love them!

I’ll keep you updated on new blocks to add and what settings I’m considering!


3 thoughts on “Patriotic Lone Starburst

  1. This Is An Awesome Block. I Need You To Show Me How You Trimmed It So Nicely So The Seams Meet And It Lies Flat. You Could Use White Sashing With Red Or Blue Cornerstones. You Could Add Corner Triangles To The Sashing To Make Wonky Stars At The Cornerstone Junctions. What A Wonderful Summer Project!


  2. Thanks, Aby! I’ll bring the block next time we see each other. It’s really the template that makes it so neat and tidy. Thank you for the setting ideas too! I’m considering something asymmetrical, or non-traditional, but I’ve also thought about going with all white for my sashing and border. Trouble is, I need an idea of where this is going to keep track of how many blocks to sew. I’ve found hundreds of blocks on the web and in print, so finding block patterns isn’t the problem! But having a direction for my project would be good!


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