More Stash and a Bee Block

I recently made and sent a bee block off to one of my Modern Instabee mates.Luckily, since it was a hard block, I thought to take a picture of it before I sent it! In truth, it wasn’t that difficult. Not like the 76 piece sampler block! =}


And just today, I was playing in the stash…, I mean working. I was working on color coding my Tula Pink fabrics. {Lovely, lovely fabrics…..sigh.} I found my City Sampler blocks-woohoo! And the book that still has plenty of blocks still in it. If you ever start this awesome project, try to go in order. Trust me. =}


One more thing…….if you ever find this fabric, and it’s not a hundred dollars a yard, you might should buy it!


I have 3.25 yards. Do you think I should sell mine?


3 thoughts on “More Stash and a Bee Block

    • I’m pretty excited about having a little time to sew here and there, too! The bee block was late, so it had to be first, but the nice thing about them is that you make your one block, send it, and you’re done with that month’s project! Not like making an entire quilt!


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