Hunky Dory Project Beginnings


I’ve decided to cut into one of my collections, Hunky Dory. As I was researching last night, I found that it’s fairly old, for a fabric collection, 2011. So…three years later, I’m cutting into it for the first time! I’ve found a lovely grey to match {Kona Ash to be exact}. Now all I’m lacking is….a pattern.

I’ve considered modern crosses, like this quilt. I like the look of them, but would I get tired of them, because this quilt is going to be huge?

I’ve considered Dresden plates, like this one, also made out of Hunky Dory. Only it would also be bigger. Much bigger.

And then there’s the wild card, something like a Modified Bento Box, or a Herringbone design, or even a Swoon quilt.

Leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite idea! I’ll make some choices this weekend, so I can get my pattern ordered or (gasp) find it amongst my things. Thanks in advance for your input! =}


4 thoughts on “Hunky Dory Project Beginnings”

  1. The more I think about it, the more I lean towards the Swoon. I’ve been wanting to try the pattern, and I think I might even have it somewhere in my things! Thanks for weighing in! =}


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