Batting Question

I have a quick batting question for my gurus out there in the blogosphere!

What batting would you use if you were making a baby quilt

for someone who needed it very warm?

It would need to be washable, so most wool is out.

And it should be low loft so that it has the right look!

All suggestions welcome!

Thank you!


9 thoughts on “Batting Question

  1. I don’t have any information on batting warmth, other than that wool is warmest. Cotton may be second because it is drapey and soft, but it’s less washable than polyester. Babies are usually dressed head-to-toe in cold climes for winter, and sometimes are swaddled, too. So frankly I wouldn’t worry too much about warmth ratings. Really, I’d worry most about washability. Polyester is hands down best for that. I use a flat poly, Warm Company’s Soft & Bright. It has a little more loft than cotton and it KEEPS its loft, not mushing down like cotton does so quickly. (Can you tell I’m not a fan of cotton batting?)


    • Hmm….lots to think about. I’m reading up on wool being bad for kiddoes because who knows whether or not they have a wool allergy? I wish it had a warmth rating, like sleeping bags and down comforters!! That would make this process much easier!


  2. I’m wondering why the rating is so important. Babies have a built in thermostat and really don’t need super warm blankets. If they are in a cold house or sleeping outside in the winter, they should be dressed in warmer clothing and use layers for covering. I always use organic cotton for baby quilts. It is a much softer cotton, has a bit more loft and because of being more soft is also more drape-able. It is also very washable. Everyone who has received it for baby quilts loves it. Also cotton is so much more breathe-able than poly’s. Cotton will adapt itself to body temp making it the warmer choice in winter and it’s cooler in the summer. You really should not put a heavy quilt on a baby. (I’m old so this I know .LOL)


  3. Quilter’s Dream makes a flame-retardant batting for baby blankets, so that would always be my choice. Their batts are very high quality. Another option just for the warmth would be to see if you could get Thinsulate by the yard. That would be from an outdoor supply place, since it is what is used in coats as a washable alternative to down. Good luck!


  4. I would think that organic cotton, and I think someone else also said this, but babies don’t have a thermostat and wake up drenched. I think cotton breathes the best and would not be too heavy for the baby.


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