Pick Somethin’ Diff’rent

Have you ever gone “on the hunt” for an exact fabric? I do this lots. In fact, I get a little over-enthusiastic about finding more of this or that fabric that’s way out of print! A few years ago, I was on the hunt for this particular black and white print, Annie’s Seed Catalogue, I believe.


I walked into a sweet little shop in Downtown Fayetteville, dutifully carrying a sample of the desired fabric. A very sweet and sage older lady politely said they didn’t have it anymore. Then she said, “Pick somthin’ diff’rent!!!” I did choose another black and white, and went on my merry way with a good lesson.

Fast forward to last night, when I tried at least ten different backing choices for the same quilt pictured above. Mr. Wonderful helped me settle on one, but it was too short. We talked about buying more of that particular fabric-he even gave his blessing! But I’m determined to use what I already have for a while. This wise lady’s advice came to mind! I searched through my greys and found something to match, something that stretched the backing we liked. And no, I won’t be buying any more of the original print to replace what I’m using. Next time, I’ll also, “Pick something’ diff’rent!”



7 thoughts on “Pick Somethin’ Diff’rent

  1. I was the same way with a certain brown fabric in the “Flair” line by Gudrun Erla. I still look for it at every shop, but I’ve learned to use other choices.


    • You know, it’s hard when you get stuck on that one fabric and want more of it even though there isn’t more. Sometimes my hubby tells me to find a new favorite. I guess what I’m trying to say is that not having exactly the fabric we want is sort of a first world problem! Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation! =}


  2. Sometimes, just looking at things from a different perspective. I like that simple statement: Pick somethin’ diff’rent. We don’t have to stay stuck when we can’t find what we want. It really isn’t the only possibility. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder.


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