Sewing for the Holidays {Day One}

It’s OCTOBER!!!! Can you believe it? That means we have exactly 12 Saturdays before Christmas! Not normally one to put things off, I usually start crafting for the holidays in late summer, early fall.

This is a frugal year for us, so I need to use my time and talent wisely to make this Christmas a success! It will depend greatly on using what I have to create gifts for others. Without giving up too much secret squirrel sewing, I hope to give you some good ideas for simple, but pretty handmade gifts for the holidays!

Today our first post on this idea is the humble table runner. I have two very fast suggested patterns, although you can really take any pattern and turn it into a table runner. Any of the fast quilt patterns, like Disappearing Nine Patch, can be made into a table runner in an afternoon! Here’s a couple of my recent table runners that we use frequently in our household.




This pattern is modified from a free pattern out there on the web. It uses one charm pack, or 40 coordinating 5″ squares. The strip on either side is 2.5 inches wide, and it’s quilted very simply. Also, if you’re wanting to add something extra to this idea, you can make two identical table runners, put them back to back, then quilt. Voila, a reversible table runner that last two holidays!

Here’s another table runner pattern I came up with last summer!


This may look complicated, but it wasn’t, considering its origin. The center block is an orphan block, something I made that was too small for the planned project. I took coordinating strips of fabric, mostly 2.5 inches wide, and sewed them in pairs to either side of my orphan block. This small table runner is perfect for summer, but it would also make a good holiday gift. Also about an afternoon’s worth of work, it is quilted very simply.

I’m ready to go sew for friends and family!

Stay tuned for other simple but pretty handmade gifts!

Day One-Table Runners

Day Two-Cloth Napkins

Day Three-Coasters

Day Four-Ornaments

Day Five-Quilts

Day Six-Teapot Cozy

Day Seven-Pillowcases

Day Eight-Fabric Flowers

Day Nine-Tea Towels

Day Ten-Mini Quilts

Day Eleven-Pincushions

Day Twelve-Ruffled Aprons


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