Sewing for the Holidays {Day Two}

This is the second post in a series about simple sewn gifts for the holidays. To read the first post and follow along, start here. Also, check last year’s post about simple gifts, too!


Today’s idea is simple, old fashioned, quaint, and goes along with Day One’s table theme!

The cloth napkin is a frugal gift for both you and your recipient.

Girl Inspired has a good one layer napkin tutorial.

Chocolate and Zucchini has a double layer tutorial, which is basically what I did.


You’ll need very few materials, fabric, sewing machine, a cutting tool of some sort, and thread. It is helpful to have a rotary cutter, mat, and large ruler, if you have those on hand. I cut my squares with the largest ruler I own, a 14 inch.

I used a variety of fabrics, both using up my stash, and making each one unique. I wanted everyone in the family to know which one was theirs, so the napkins could be used all day!

Using cloth instead of paper for many of the different things you do in your home can really add up to huge savings over time. This would make an awesome wedding gift as well, along with a few of the other things we’ll be discussing over the next few weeks! I believe wholeheartedly that we as more experienced wives should encourage younger women to be frugal where they can be! This would make a great gift for a larger family or someone you know who is struggling financially. Besides being super frugal, they are CUTE! =}


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