Franken-batting, or Joining Batting Pieces

When you make a lot of quilts, you wind up with lots of batting scraps. Well, a thrifty seamstress saves those useful bits! I was working on a small wall hanging for myself the other day, and decided to join three pieces of batting for my project. I took pictures, so I could show you all too!

First, you want to roughly “measure” your batting against your quilt top or backing for your particular project. Most of my batting scraps are long and thin, so often this means I need to cut strips that will cover the area.

Take two of those batting strips to your machine, butting them close together, but not overlapping.



Sew your widest zig-zag stitch to join the two pieces, making sure they are touching, but not overlapping. This will give you just the right amount of bulk in the finished project!


Voila, Frankenbatting!

I’ll be showing you other ways to use your batting scraps over the next several weeks, with our series, Sewing for the Holidays!



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