Sewing for the Holidays {Day Three}


This is Day Three of a series here on Quiltiferous called Sewing for the Holidays. Check out the link for day one and for the links to other posts in the series!

Day Three is a coaster tutorial!

These darling little round coasters are relatively easy to make, use up the last little bits of scraps, and use leftover batting as well! Here’s a short tutorial for them.

First, Find yourself some scrap batting, a bit of fabric, a junk CD, and a pencil. Trace around your CD on both the batting and the fabric for the number of coasters you desire. {I made six for a set.} You can use different fabric scraps for backing of each one, as long as it’s big enough for the CD. {Tip-a CD is the same size as a 5″charm.} Cut around each one with a set of normal scissors.


When you have a stack of backings and battings for each coaster, you’re ready for the next step!


Now, we’re going to use a “quilt as you go” method for these little rounds. We start with a piece of scrap (we quilters call them strings) that’s long enough to cover both sides of the round. This strip goes right side up. (See below.)


The next strip goes on top of the first, RIGHT SIDE DOWN. I sewed the right side of this, with a quarter inch seem, then flipped the green over so that now there are two strips!



Continue to add strips of fabric in this manner, until your circle is covered. It won’t be round yet, but it will look like this once the backing and batting at completely covered.


You’ll notice I added some quilting lines, just simple lines of sewing about a quarter inch apart along the areas where there were no sewing lines. This gives it a uniform look all the way across.

Flip this bad larry over, and trim around your original circle. You should just be trimming off ends of strips and thread. That will give you a teeny tiny, round quilt. {Of sorts!}

Now to bind it properly, you need BIAS binding. I happen to have had a roll of this lying about, bought for pennies per yard at a going out of business sale. (Watch for those-I’m tellin’ ya. I hate that a quilt shop decides to close, but I’ll help them liquidate! =}) The first two times I tried to bind my coaster, I had some bum luck. I unpicked it, and finally got it right!

You need to start your binding off by folding it back diagonally (see below).


Being very careful NOT to pull your binding, allow it to fit the curve of your coaster. It’s rather important that you not pull on it, so I’m saying it twice. (Yes, I did make that mistake for you!) You should have a “ruffle” of sorts on the inside curve of the binding so it will properly go round the edge and make a “crust” for your sandwich!


Turn your binding over the edges and press well. I finished it off by machine, which you’re welcome to do by hand. I zig-zagged the edges down, being sure to catch the underside of the binding.


My set is six, but you could make any round number of them. I plan on tying them with some pretty ribbon and adding a few other little goodies!

Thanks for sticking with this long tutorial! Now go forth and make coasters!


4 thoughts on “Sewing for the Holidays {Day Three}

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  2. Very cute coasters! You could also make these by layering a rectangle of backing and pieced batting; do your string piecing; and then cut circles from all three layers at one time. A circle cutter would be great but since I don’t have one, I would just draw my circles with the cd or other template on to the top layer. Would save a lot of time by not cutting circles twice and wouldn’t use any extra fabrics.


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