Sewing for the Holidays {Day Four}


Today’s addition to our Sewing for the Holidays series is the handmade ornament! These little tree ornaments were especially fun to whip up, and fast, too! Using the very tiniest of colored scraps, they are also an awesome scrap buster!


 Years ago, when Mr. Wonderful and I were first married, many people gave us things for our new home. We were also super thrifty and found our first artificial tree at a yard sale for 5 bucks! Being very young, and very broke, we had no ornaments. We handmade a set, using glass balls and acrylic paint. We even decorated only the front of the tree to make it look full! Only one of those glass painted ornaments have made it, but I’m always busy making new ornaments (even though we have plenty now)!

Next time you’re headed to a wedding shower, think about giving Christmas ornaments or other handmade decorations! They’ll definitely come in handy for a young couple!

There are many, many tiny quilt designs you could use for your handmade ornaments. Anything smaller than 3 1/2 inches would be perfect! I improv pieced the trees, but nine patches, little string blocks, or virtually anything you can envision can become what is a essentially a teeny tiny quilt! In the picture above, a house block snuck in there!


Happy Christmas Crafting! =}


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