Pillowcases {Day Seven}


{Day Seven}’s gift idea here on the blog about Sewing for the Holidays is the pillowcase.

While you’re welcome to go and view my tutorial, on the tabs at the left of the blog, the best way to make a pillowcase has already been covered by someone else. There’s a youtube video called “The Sausage Roll Pillowcase“. I use that method exclusively when I make pillowcases for Quilts of Valor. My dimensions used are 3/4 a yard for the body, 1/4 a yard for the cuff, and 2.5 inch by width of fabric (wof) for the accent strip. I just happen to like round numbers, though! Pictured above is one of several Christmas pillowcases I’ve made for my own family. They don’t all match, and they are soooo much fun to bring out in late November, if I can wait that long!

A pillowcase can be a gift for any occasion. For the little ones, I’ve made cases out of their favorite characters, or let them choose the fabrics out of my stash if it wasn’t a surprise. For new brides, consider making these with a monogram, some decorative stitching, or embroidery of some sort. Even if you don’t have a machine that does those things, an embroidery shop charges so very little to make it happen! Consider, too, that these pillowcases can be used as gift wrap. You’d only need to make a few, tie with pretty ribbon, and you’d have reusable gift wrap for years!

Let me know if you decide to sew up pillowcases using the link!

Happy Christmas Crafting!


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