Sewing for the Holidays {Day Six}


This is day six of Sewing for the Holidays here on the blog.

Today’s gift suggestion is the teapot cozy.

This particular tea cozy was made by my mom! She gave it to me as a birthday gift, so it’s birthday colored! She did an awesome job, and I use it often! My mom sewed this one up when she was snowed in one day. She downloaded the pattern, pulled out what she had on hand, and whipped up this cute gift!

A tea cozy is a quick gift, provided you have some fabric and batting in your stash. Also, keep your scrap binding for projects like the ones we’ve been showing. It’ll make fast work out of them! If you’re at a loss for a pattern, especially because of the round top of the tea cozy, check Etsy. My mom used the ever popular Retro Mama pattern! The beauty of this particular pattern is that it teaches you how to make binding, if this is your first quilting project.

Happy Christmas Crafting!


3 thoughts on “Sewing for the Holidays {Day Six}

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  2. And it was so much fun to scout out some fabric from my small “stash”, find a pattern that I like and get it instantly through a download, then make something for my sweet girl! Love you, Stacy!!


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