Mini Quilts {Day Ten}


Welcome to {Day Ten} of the series, Sewing for the Holidays! If you’d like to check out the previous days, click on the link. You’ll be able to start from the beginning and follow the links to each individual post!


{Day Ten}’s gift suggestion is the mini quilt.

{Y’all knew I’d find away to get more quilts into these posts!}


Different than a full size quilt, a mini is a super fast gift idea.


A few of the mini quilts I’m showing you today have very tiny pieces. That’s fun, but you can also make a mini with just one quilt block. The low volume Dresden plate, for example at the top of the post is a single, simple block set in the center of a mini quilt. Don’t feel like it has to have a gazillion teeny tiny pieces to be called a mini!




As you can see, I make a lot of tiny quilts!


One year, I made all the women on my gift list a similar mini quilt. This allowed me to do each task assembly line. For example, I was able to do all my cutting at once. It made really quick work of these Christmas Dresden Plates! Be sure to add a small sleeve on the back so it can be hung on the wall!

Happy Christmas Crafting!


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