Ruffled Aprons {Day Twelve}


This is {Day Twelve} of the series, Sewing for the Holidays. The link will take you to Day One, which has links to all the other fun gifts we’ve discussed thus far!

Today’s gift idea is the apron.

This particular apron is a ruffled half apron, pretty easy to sew up. There are plenty of other styles of apron “out there” and tons of good tutorials on Pinterest for different styles. Don’t worry if your recipient already has an apron. She could probably use another one of a different style! I think I have five, maybe six aprons!

This is the last day of our Sewing with the Holidays series, for now. Life has intervened for me, and I need to put time into a few other things. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, and been inspired to make something for your friends and family this Christmas season!

One thought on “Ruffled Aprons {Day Twelve}

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