Dear Fabric Hoarder

Hi, I’m Stacy, and I’m a fabric hoarder…..

No, seriously, there are things I haven’t used yet. I haven’t found the right project, done the quilt math, bought the background fabric, or had the time to make a quilt with parts of my stash. This is true for Amy Butler Lotus and Belle, but it is also true of my Tula Pink fabrics.

I started this Tula Pink City Sampler last winter during my snow days. It’s great fun, and each tiny, precise little block is different and highly colorful. Precision, color, and tiny-right up my alley! When I started, the first round of Quilt Along participants were just finishing their quilts. Squirrels, frogs, raccoons, and shells were relatively easy to be found. I gathered some fabrics from my stash, and then bought some yellow, orange, and red to fill in the gaps. But what I found was quite interesting. I already had quite a large Tula Pink stash and scrap pile. I’ve been quilting a long time, and I’d picked up prints I liked here and there, many of them on sale. Being a fan girl and not realizing it? Yeah, that’s funny!

Here’s my point. When you buy fabric, buy what you like. If it’s on sale and you really like it, buy enough for a backing. While I do seriously love Tula Pink’s fabric, there will be another line 5 years from now that everyone will fall all over themselves to have. Start now, buy what you like, and live with the realization that #itsjustfabric.

2 thoughts on “Dear Fabric Hoarder

  1. Thank you for posting this! I am so the same way. I bought tons of fabrics that I loved and they were on sale. I have bought specific things to be together, but mostly just what made my heart sing.

    I recently had someone view my stash and they thought I was out of control. I fully admit that I likely have collected more fabric in the 3.5 years since I started quilting than some quilters who’ve been at it for 15-20+ years. But I love every inch of it and I have been able to help out fellow quilters who were looking for that “one” fabric that sets their quilts off or pulls it together. That includes my judgemental little stash viewer!

    I have proclaimed that 2015 will be a limited buying and using more stash year. But if I falter, at least I know I’m not alone in buying something that makes the heart skip a beat.

    **Your fellow hoarder


    • I agree with you, Tanya! It’s ok to have a decent size stash, especially if you are actively using most of it. I’ve been quilting for 20 years, and I have a medium size stash. I don’t have whole rooms, or things tucked away that I’ve forgotten about. It’s neatly organized, and waiting patiently, because we can all only quilt so fast! =}
      Truth is, I make a lot of quilts. And I use a lot of my stash fabric. But these little bits of Tula Pink and Amy Butler, I use sparingly. I think that’s normal that we save our favorites, or things like henna garden, that just aren’t going to come around again!
      The other truth is, now that I have all these pretty fabrics, I don’t always feel the need to shop. I can go to my closet, get my fix by rearranging what I have, and then not order any new stuff. I went six months without buying fabric, until last week when I bought a little Moonshine before it gets gone. I try not to live with guilt over having too large or small a stash, and I try not to feel guilty when I’m buying fabric. I promise to pay my bills first! =}


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