What Is A Quilt Swap?

Today I’m answering another popular social media question.

What is a Swap?

A swap is just what the name states, swapping handmade items with someone else. But wait….it’s not quite that simple. I don’t receive a package from the same person to whom I send one. If your swap is anything like the ones I’ve done, you submit name and email, snail mail address and Instagram name. Then the swap “mama” or leader arranges a spreadsheet of who is sending to whom, making sure everyone is going to receive a handmade item! This is done based on the style of picture you post in your feed. Nothing special to the math there. If you post more traditional pictures of things you like, you will be matched with someone else who is somewhat traditional. This is a one time commitment. If you’re a fairly quick quilter and want to get to know some other quilters on social media, this is a great way to get started! There is one final question…

Where do I find these swaps?

For virtual swaps, the truth is, if you sit around waiting to have a swap mama call you on the phone or comment on your blog, you won’t be involved in too many! You have to go searching Flickr and Instagram. Once you’re in one swap and start following a group that often does swaps, information will come across your IG feed about them. That way, you get to choose which ones suit you. I’ve participated in several online swaps so far, and will probably do more this year!

Now, in person swaps are different. Your best bet for getting into a group of swappers is to join a modern quilt guild. My MQG is doing a traveling quilts project, a larger swap group that rotates the quilt top until it is finished! It’s like a round robin, but less restrictive. It’s a fun project, because you get a real feel for what the quilt “owner” might like!

These are both fun options. If you’re in a group of quilters already, consider starting a swap of mini quilts, blocks, fabric, or mug rugs. I’ve made some very very tiny quilts, and I’ve added some pretty large blocks to a traveling quilt. It’s all about punctuality, and brining your A game when you make an item for your partner!

Happy Swapping!


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