Quilt Swap Goodies

There is a hot debate going on about whether or not to send goodies with your swaps/bees….


I’m signed up for a new bee in 2015, and wrapping up last year’s this month.

What I’ve found is that I enjoy making small items to go with each package, and the easiest and most convenient time to do that is at the beginning of the swap.


Let me explain. You see, it is Valentine’s season right now. There are lots of little toys and goodies for sale at reasonable prices, being packaged for sale as Valentine gifts! You’re aiming for things that are under a dollar each, some of which are well under a dollar!


I also look for closed food items. Sometimes you don’t know your swap partner all that well. You wouldn’t want to eat something homemade from someone you didn’t know well, so don’t do that to your partner!


But again, it’s Valentine’s Day soon….and little packages of candy and other items are easy to find!


What all you put into a swap package is really up to you, but I’ve built an entire Pinterest board here to give you ideas! Really, you can sew something cool too. Nothing like a tiny pin cushion from scraps to make a quilter squeal like a child! I plan on using all this sugar, and the one non-sugar item, to make up some cute things that have stitching somewhere on them. I’ll update you on what actually makes it into the bee mail!

Some of it may make honest to goodness Valentines!


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