Vintage Patterns

Sometimes as a modern quilter, I want something, well, different. Different than my peers are making. Different than the normal patterns everyone on Instagram is making. I like participating in bees and things like that-those are lots of fun! But, when making a wall hanging or sometimes larger quilts, I just want to, well, do my own thing. I can just hear my mom laughing at that! =} Call it a rebellious streak, an independent spirit, or trendsetting as opposed to following. Whatever it is, sometimes I need to make something unique. I’m feeling that need pretty strongly lately.

But, in this season of my life, I don’t have the extra time to write new patterns. {I have plenty of sketches made, when the time comes.} That leaves me with a strong desire to use a pattern that no one else has fallen in love with lately, and no sources for said pattern. Except perhaps a vintage pattern! On days like these, I’m very, very thankful for the resources my friends and family have given, along with internet found treasures. I’ve amassed a vintage block library, and know how to convert them to modern patterns! That was one of the main advantages of using a 1970’s book to learn to quilt! I learned the old fashioned way, with templates and seam allowances.

If you’re looking for vintage patterns, check Pinterest, ebay, and Etsy. Many times you can find the original newspaper clippings that were printed in the 30’s and 40’s, or the mail order patterns from that era. I find a certain satisfaction in rescuing these fading bits of newspaper, knowing that I’m preserving a whole quilting era. In another generation, those clippings will not be useable-they are already falling apart. For the modern quilter, they need to be translated into workable patterns. So, here I am, playing in patterns from my grandmother’s era, and loving it!


I promise to update you on my progress, but for now, I’m enjoying the process of using vintage patterns made new!


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