Charity Quilt Revisited

I need to apologize. I wrote a post yesterday, A Charity Quilt, while something was under my skin. A new acquaintance made a comment about charitable endeavors that rankled me. She doesn’t read my blog, although I would apologize if she did. However, you ladies and a few men do read my blog. I should not have written to you all in that state of mind.

There is an uncomfortable fact about quilting that does come to light. What is our motivation? This year, I hope to examine my own reasons for blogging and for making charity crafts. I hope you’ll join me in this introspection!


3 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Revisited

  1. Your “rotten frame of mind” did not come through in the post. I think it’s valuable for people to remember that when you give something to another–whether a charity quilt or other crafted item, or even purchased gifts, “gift” means we don’t hold out for the outcome WE want. It belongs to the recipient. Everything you said was right on. So I think your “rotten frame of mind” may have actually been a bit of your passion about such things. That’s how it came across. I thought it was great.
    And as for quilting AND blogging, I’m all about joining you in introspection. I’m trying to figure that stuff out myself. What it means for me. And what I’m willing to do and not to in my life to make time for the things that are important.

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