Snow Day and Finishing Quilts

{Actually, it’s ice, but who’s counting?}

The studio is abuzz with UFO’s, also known as Unfinished Fabric Objects.These UFO’s have languished over the past few months, patiently awaiting attention. The first is a quilt that needed quilting. The pattern is by Swirly Girls, called Perfect Ten. It goes together easily, and would make an awesome, manly charity quilt. It’s an oversized lap quilt, so it fits the size requirements for many charity endeavors. This particular quilt is made in manly colors as well, indigo blue, white, and pale green. Unbeknownst to me, indigo is a pretty “in” color right now. It’s always been a favorite, though. The quilting on this particular UFO needed to bring some curves to the otherwise very square piecing. I chose a small paisley. It will be lovely when finished, but it might take me a while to complete!


The other UFO patiently waiting is a patriotic sampler. It was started last summer, but at the time I had no plan about how to finish it. I had some grandiose ideas about how to set this quilt when the time came, but the truth is, I like simplicity best. Today I’ll be sewing it into a straight setting. I’ll be sure to get some pictures of it for you all!



4 thoughts on “Snow Day and Finishing Quilts

  1. Will look forward to seeing the progress. I’m sure they will be beautiful when you finish. And, happy day to you, no matter the weather!


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