Spring Cleaning


Hello, Spring!

The weather’s a little warmer, and the windows can be opened now.

It’s the perfect time for spring cleaning!

Every year, I get the urge to spring clean, and

I forget where to start!

I pull out my home management notebook, a good place to begin.

Several months ago, when it was still cold, wet, and snowy some days,

I made up a good cleaning list for each room in the new house.

I typed this up in a word processing program, and made it cute!

By putting this list into a page protector,

 that makes it dry erase, which means it’s fun to mark up and cross off things that are finished.

Now getting the cleaning done is just a matter of following the list,

marking off each item, and working one room at a time!

Also, last year about this time I made something to make my life easier.

I had one of these in my closet.


 It’s a duster handle.

I got sick and tired of buying refills for said duster and threw it in the back of the closet.

Then I decided, hey, I bet I can make one out of fabric!


And I did.

I made more than one.

in fact, I sent one to several people to test out,

and together we washed them and used the life out of them!

If you’d like one of these gems, they are less expensive in my Etsy shop than a box of paper refills.

They’re washable, and they last for. ever. =}

Happy Spring Cleaning!


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