Sewing Machine Maintenance


While we’re all busy spring cleaning, don’t forget to clean your sewing machine!

You should be cleaning lint and oiling much more regularly than once or twice a year.

Experts say your machine needs oil every EIGHT hours of sewing,

and my tech told me to clean lint with every bobbin change!

Here are some basic maintenance steps you can take to have your machine humming along nicely all year long.

1. Dig out your manual. Oil all the spots it says to oil with a high quality sewing machine oil.


2. Change your needle. It’s probably dull, and changing it will make your sewing neater and smoother.

3. Clean all the lint. I mean, clean every bit of lint you can find! Use a cheap Crayola paintbrush, brush it against your pant leg often, and get all the lint you can! Don’t forget places like under the plate, between the plate and the bobbin case, and under that bobbin case.

4. Clean all your cords with a slightly damp clothe. Unplug and clean the exterior of your machine while you’re at it!


Any time your machine is acting up, try these four troubleshooting steps first.

If you do end up needing a tune up or a basic service on your machine,

your tech will be happy to be working on a very clean machine! =}


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