Organic Quilting?

Have you ever thought about going organic with your quilting?

It’s been on my mind lately,

especially because I already own some lovely Charley Harper fabrics that are organics.

It got me thinking, is there organic thread and batting?

Indeed, there are such things, and one can make an entire organic quilt, it seems!


I was in a lovely swap, the Charley Harper swap.

I made a pretty, fat little bird and enjoyed using this fabric.

But, now, I have a scrap stack high enough to make a baby sized quilt.

I thought it would be a good stretch of the imagination to sew up something completely organic

out of said scraps for my Etsy shop, and see what happens!

Whilst digging in my fabric closet, I also found some Nancy Mim organics.

These have a totally different color feel to them,

so it might be fun to see what can be made of them, too!

I’ll have to order a few things, like organic solid and backing,

and thread and batting.

But it will be good to see if those will sell well, or if they will languish in the shop!


What do you think? Is organic important, or just  a fad?


3 thoughts on “Organic Quilting?

  1. I think it’s important for some and only a fad for others. I like the idea of your experiment in terms of your Etsy shop. Seems like a worthwhile experiment. There are people looking to be green in every way possible. This is a great way, especially since they’re baby quilts. When babies are on the way, that seems to be when a lot of people decide to become green. 🙂


  2. I have observed the same thing as Deborah in her comment above. Some new mothers desire only the best (and the least amount of preservatives or pesticides next) to the skin of their newborns. However, just like shopping in the organic food store, shopping only for organic fabrics is much more expensive. If my child had a lot of allergies, I would definitely buy organic food and organic quilts!


  3. I agree with both of you, after more thought. It would be important in some instances, like Aby said. And sometimes, it’s not as big a deal! There are certainly buyers for all organic things, just like food, so it’s worth the effort. I’m looking for sources on the different items now, to make up just a few quilts from what I have. It’s odd, like starting a whole different stash. I’ll be much more careful not to buy more than I need of the organics!


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