Switching to Cloth

A few years ago, I realized my dependence upon paper goods.

I cleaned with almost all disposables.

We ate off paper plates, wiped our mouths with paper napkins,

and used paper towels for nearly everything!

I then counted up how much all that paper costs.

It gets expensive if you’re using it like we were!


I found a few alternatives, though!

First, we switched to cloth napkins. This one step alone saved us a ton of money! Now we use cloth almost exclusively, and it is definitely frugal! When I made these, I used a ton of different fabrics, so that each one was unique. At the beginning of the day, we all choose one, then we use it for each meal that day (unless it gets dirty). I sewed up enough to last us a few days, so they accumulate in the laundry area until there’s enough to wash with the aprons!

Second, I clean with microfiber cloths now. For everything but the really dirty jobs, I use these cleaning cloths; I use several per day, cleaning counters, furniture, cleaning windows, etc. I love that they don’t require much cleaner to work well. These particular cloths came from Home Depot. This would be the time to find a good multipack, as it’s time for Spring cleanup!

Third, I’m replacing my Swiffer brand items. There are duster refills, like the ones in my Etsy shop, and I’m all set to make up some wet-jet refills as well. {I’ll have to wait on the big machine to come home.} The dusters get used like the orinigal, except I spray a little homemade febreeze on them and then dust away. That tool is hard to beat for cobwebs and dusting high places like ceiling fans and the tops of doorways!!

As for paper plates, you just have to stop buying them. Then everyone uses real plates and you’re good to go!

Happy Spring!

Have you switch from paper to cloth in any areas of your life?


One thought on “Switching to Cloth

  1. I love the duster refill you made me! Works great and washable. My grandson, Lincoln, loves it, cause he hates spider webs. He’ll say, “Mimi, get the spider web catcher” if he sees the teeniest web in a corner!

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