10 Ways to Quilt Cheap or Free

Quilting can be an expensive hobby.

Between the dizzying array of machines and fabrics available,

it can even seem like a money pit!

Here are some really good ways to make

quilting less about the money, and more about the art of creating!


1. Start with a free pattern. These are plentiful all over the web, so that you can find one that suits your needs! (Craftsy, quilting blogs, Pinterest, Moda Bake Shop, the Quilts of Valor blog, and more!)

2. Use free fabric! (Yes, there is such a thing!) Many groups who make donation quilts will loan you fabric as long as the resulting quilt goes towards their charity. You won’t get to keep your first quilt, but you will have learned the skill for free!

3. Take a free or inexpensive class. These are available through all sorts of avenues, even online at places like Craftsy.

4. Join a guild. Many have free tables for unwanted fabrics, and libraries for patterns and books.

5. Make friends with a quilter, because she will likely teach you for free just to get you hooked!

6. Shop for fabric at thrift stores or guild yard sales. Many, many times a quilter will pass along what she is not using.

7. Speaking of fabric shopping, if you have the time to wait to buy fabric, consider saving your pennies each payday and spending it all once a year. Many brick and mortar and online shops offer HUGE discounts at the end of the year. The day after Christmas is one of the best fabric shopping days. I’ve found quilt shop quality fabric for 4 dollars a yard during that time frame.

8. Buy the bolt. When you buy the entire bolt, or whatever is left on it, a good quilt shop will give you a discount on the whole piece.

9. Find the sale section, and buy at the lowest price possible. Once you are a seasoned fabric shopper, you’ll realize that there is a “lowest price possible”. Always buy at or close to that price! Any couponer knows that she can stock up a little when the price is lowest and then not buy again until the cycle repeats. This is especially helpful if you aren’t waiting for the latest and greatest line of fabric to come along!

10. Get to know and use all the coupons. Batting, backing, and background are good things to use those coupons on, since they are large ticket items.

Have fun quilting on the cheap!


10 thoughts on “10 Ways to Quilt Cheap or Free

  1. Sharing with a friend who actually quilts…doesn’t just read your page, sigh, and wish to try it “someday” 🙂 ! Now I have another excuse knocked to the side for starting!


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  3. I know that old time quilters used to use clothing that was wore in certain spots for quilts. This would also make memories. Just a thought !!! Visiting from Raising Home Link Up.


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