Tea Towel Tutorial

Today’s Double Ruffle Tea Towel Tutorial

is an easy half-day project, perfect for new brides.

(It’s that time of year!)


Double Ruffle Tea Towel


One tea towel (These can be found in your Local Quilt Shop, or Amazon)

Two strips of fabric, 3 ½ inches by width of fabric

Sewing machine

Cotton Thread, matching or neutral colored

Rotary Cutter

Self-Healing Mat

Clear Acrylic Ruler


CUT {2} 3 ½ inch strips. CUT off selvages from strips and discard.PRESS tea towel.

FOLD tea towel up twice on one end, and PRESS to give you sewing guidelines for a later step.


PRESS ¼ inch hem on all sides of each ruffle. SEW a top-stitch on each hem in order to catch the folded under fabric. This top-stitch will go all the way around the perimeter of each ruffle.


SEW a longer stitch than normal, ¼ of an inch from the edge, down one long side of each ruffle. Be sure to leave your thread long at the beginning and end of your stitching. GATHER each ruffle down to exactly the width of your tea towel. Set your machine back to a normal length stitch when you finish this step.


PIN and SEW each ruffle into place, using the seam guidelines you pressed earlier. This ruffle is sewn along the ruffled/gathered edge. {DO NOT sew over your pins!} Your tea towel AND your ruffle should be right side up. (The ruffle is sewn/applied on the top of the towel.) Do this for both ruffles.


Congratulations! Now go forth and make a set!!

Copyright 2015 by Stacy A.

No part of this pattern can be reproduced in any form for distribution.

Be sweet and play nice!


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